Electric Handpiece Service & Repair

Electric handpieces are powerful tools for your practice, and The Handpiece Surgeon is here to provide high quality Electric Handpiece Repairs. We provide you with fast estimates, fair prices and unbeatable warranties. We are able to quickly diagnose and repair your electric dental handpieces, even when others fail. We are confident you will be pleased with our fast and professional service.

The Handpiece Surgeon repairs most makes and models of electric dental handpieces. We disassemble and thoroughly clean your handpiece, removing unwanted dirt and grease build up. Key assemblies (head cartridge, transmission shaft, optics, etc.) are then inspected and tested to determine if they remain serviceable. Serviceable assemblies are then rebuilt with high quality ceramic bearings. If these assemblies in your handpiece cannot be rebuilt, new factory OEM assemblies are used to complete repairs.

Bien Air$259
Handpiece Experts 200L$209$179
KaVo 25LHA$249$199
KaVo 25LPA$249$199
Sirona T1 Classic$249$199
Sirona T1 Line$209$179
W&H 56LT$259$199
W&H 99LT$259$199
W&H 99LT (5 port spray)$299$199
NEW FACTORY OEM PARTSCartridgeTransmission Shaft
Bien Air$495
Handpiece Experts 200L$465$275
KaVo 25LHA$465$275
KaVo 25LPA$495$275
Midwest eStylus$495
NSK 3 port spray$329$199
NSK 4 port spray$369$199
NSK X95$379$199
Sirona T1 Classic$465$275
Sirona T1 Line$465$275
Star 4 port spray$369$199
Star 3 port spray$329$199
W&H 56LT$449$275
W&H 99LT$449$27
Clogs Water Lines$75
Water Leak @ Neck$110
Water Leak In Handle$125
Fiber Optic ReplacementCall
Head ReplacementCall