H6000 & H6005

TPC Advanced Technology

Correct maintenance performed at regular intervals is a key to high performance and longer life of your handpieces.

The H6000 automatic handpiece maintenance system is the perfect solution for fast and simple maintenance of all brands of high and low speed handpieces, and air motors. TPC has designed the H6000 to process all handpieces (3 handpieces) in less than 1 minute for preparation of sterilization.

MSRP $1190


  • Economical efficient and time saving
  • A fail-safe maintenance solution for your office
  • Automatic rotation function using Filtered air to rotate handpieces for safety
  • Care for most handpieces and all handpiece brands
  • Disposable mist filtration system
  • Solution level indicator
  • Solution tank easy to fill
  • Selectable cleaning modes
  • Easy to Clean - Detachable door facilitates easy cleaning of unit.
  • 1 year warranty.

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Handpiece Cleaning and Lubrication Systems

TPC_lu4 (1)

H6000 for cleaning 3 high speed handpieces.
MSRP $1190

- 3 High speed positions
- Mist filters (pack of 12)
- Lubrication fluid
- Funnel
- Air filter


H6005 for cleaning 2 high speed handpieces and one low speed E type attachment.
MSRP $1190

- 2 High speed / 1 E type position
- Mist filters (pack of 12)
- Lubrication fluid
- Funnel
- Air filter


H6125 Lubrication Fluid


H6130 Mist Filter (pack of 12)

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