High Speed Handpieces

The Handpiece Surgeon is proud to offer you a variety of high speed handpieces.

Dentex offers an innovative line of handpieces that are designed to work with your existing system. The Dentex M3 line offers triple spray cooling and are compatible with your choice of NSK, STAR, or KaVo MuliFlex® couplers. Dentex prices range from $149 to $379.

MK-dent offers German engineering and a tremendous value. MK-dent handpieces are engineered and manufactured in Germany yet sold for a fraction of the cost of comparable European handpieces. MK-dent handpieces are compatible with your choice of NSK, or KaVo MuliFlex®, Sirona, or W&H couplers. Prices range from $295 to $595.

Quest is NEW. Engineered and manufactured in the US by Lares Research Inc., Quest handpiece feature durable, hygienic stainless steel bodies and utilize low maintenance ceramic bearing to provide a powerful and durable handpiece. Quest handpieces are compatible with KaVo MuliFlex® couplers.. Prices range from $299 to $595.

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