Low-Speed Handpieces

The Handpiece Surgeon offers excellent prices on Low Speed handpieces, with a variety of prophy heads, straight attachments, contra angles and latch heads from Athena Champion, Dentex, MK-dent, MTI and Nakamura Dental.

Athena Champion offers the #1 complete system for dentist and hygienist needs - Little Guy and Little Pro along with the 20K Elite "E" type motor and a complete line of attachments.

MK-dent LS Series offers high end KaVo compatible handpieces to fit on pneumatic and electric E-Type motors. German engineering at affordable prices.

MTI Lynx offers a full line of low speed systems for dentist and hygienist including the New Lube-Free Master Classic E-Type motor and the lightest hygienists handpiece on the market the Prophy Airlite. Manufactured in the USA.

Nakamura Dental is a Japanese dental handpiece manufacturer. Their low speed systems for dentist and hygienist are unsurpassed when it comes to high quality and low cost.

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